Only ONE Mahogany boy (Cooper) left from the current (Born 2-25-11) litter!

Congratulations to the Ryon family for purchasing not one but TWO of these lucky brothers! See below.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

I hear the pitter patter of little feet....

In about two weeks, we will know if Lizzie AND/or Charley will be having Puppies. If they will be, then Lizzie will be due sometime between the last week in January, first week in February and Charley will be due about two weeks into Februrary. We have so missed having babies in the house that it is exciting thinking about having our first double litter, ever...TWICE the fun! These babies will go fast, with two of them already spoken for. That's right.. you are reading this correctly. TWO are already going to amazing homes. So if you wish to have one our gorgeous, healthy and happy pups, keep watching here for updates.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

And two (make that three!) lucky ducky dachshunds from the 2-25-11 litter go to......

Congratulations to Tom and Lynn Ryon for expanding their family with not one but TWO of our beautiful pups. Noah (Mahogany with Sable tipping) and Mason (Chocolate based red) will now be named "Schultz and Dooley" thanks to a beautiful family story going back a generation or two. Lucky, Lucky puppies!

UDPATE: AND speaking of "Lucky".....In a hail Mary decision that only true "dog people" make, the Ryon's could not leave Cooper behind and have taken all three of these boys. They have decided to keep his name as "Cooper" but I have encouraged them to add "Lucky" just before the "Cooper."

Dooley, Schultz and Lucky Cooper all went to their new forever home today on 4.23.11 with the Ryons. We are sure they are in for tons of laughs and love X 3.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

All pups from July 29, 2010 are now in their forever homes.

Thank you to all who looked at our gorgeous pets and especially to the three people who knew to take the leap and make our pups a part of their family. Cali (Calloway family) and Hollie (Lee family) have gone to new homes, both in Dallas (just a that they are "neighbors") and Bella and Dudley are going to live their life together in the lap of luxury, with the Schultz family.

Lizzie and Tucker will hopefully be having their first litter together this summer. That will be an exciting litter to see as with just never know what color/coats you might get. Tucker has a history of chocolates and Lizzie is a chocolate so we expect to see some blue-eyed beauties from their paring. If you would like to be on a waiting list for a particular pup, please email me at and I'll be happy to do so.

Check back periodically for updated pictures of this litter as they grow in their new homes.

If you are looking for quality pups in Texas, before we have our next litter, please check my pals site at

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Only TWO left....(They really do go like hotcakes or "hotdogs?")

Our petite, beautiful black and tan girl, Bella and our precious shaded red (she'll look like her papa as an adult...see Tucker at the bottom of the blog.) Hollie, are the only two we have left. The pups are ready to go to their new forever homes. Will that be you???

Friday, September 24, 2021

AKC Mini LH Dachshunds Show/Agility/Pet only $600!!!

These pups are gorgeous, very well socialized (sweet sweet from being filled to the brim with kisses every day), fully weaned and well on their way to potty training. They are up to date on shots/wormer/heartworm prevention/pee pad training and just fury, happy, butterballs!! Cali is an EE red (honey color with black eyes and nose), Hollie is a shaded red (she'll look like Tucker..see below), Dudley is our handsome chocolate and tan boy with blue/grey eyes and Bella is our petite little girl that is black and tan just like her mom, Charley. Read the various posts on the blog and still have questions? Please contact me at for more information.

See photo's of Tucker (proud papa) and Charley (proud mom) at the very bottom of the blog.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

The babies are here!!! July 29, 2010

See the right side bar for names and color patterns for the new litter from Charley and Tucker. One of the most fun things about a dachshund is that they come in many different colors and patterns, more than any other breed. It was exciting to see the difference between this litter and the last one, which expanded to include a black and tan like Charley and an unexpected chocolate and tan. The repeat of the chocolate based red and the red sable tell us that these must be Charley and Tuckers' specialty!! We are getting an early start on spoiling them with kisses. Check them out in the pictures on the right.

Interested in a pup from this new litter? Contact me NOW at Priority for gender or color pattern will be in the order of contact/deposit. All pups from this litter will be $600

Friday, July 12, 2019

WARNING!!! I cannot be responsible for any impulsive buys after viewing the gooey cuteness on this blog. Enter at your own risk!

Please check below for upcoming litters from our beautiful family pets. Whether you are looking for a dog worthy of competition, agility training, badger wrangling, crime fighting, babysitting, or just being the best darn pet ever that gets high praise from all of your visitors, you've come to the right place.

All puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract. Any breeding rights will be conveyed on a case-by-case basis for an additional $100 above the regular purchase price.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Carefully trained HUMANS = Happy, Healthy Dogs!

Our adult dogs thrive on an organic diet of dry kibble brand "4Health" formulated for Tractor Supply Stores and get rave reviews. Our dogs, even the adults, eat the rice and lamb puppy formula.
All of our puppies and pregnant mommies (for higher calorie/vitamin content during pregnancy) are fed the Puppy formula in the can or kibble version of this same product. We buy ours at our local TSC. If you google the brand, you can find suppliers near you.
During pregnancy, momma gets 2tsp of vanilla ice cream ("Blue Bell, please!") for the added calcium demands on her body. Immediately following birth, she will have a Tums each day for the calcium and vitamin content in each tablet and will also enjoy a catered diet of lean beef, chicken and rice cooked especially for her to keep up her healthy milk supply. Charley seems to know that she is the boss during this time and can be demanding, picky, etc. ("no green MnM's in my dressing room, please") and we'll cater to her whims.

All of our dogs (except during pregnancy) that meet the weight requirements are given regular, monthly doses of the following:
Frontline plus: helps protect from mosquito's, ticks and fleas
Ivermax Plus: for heart worm prevention
Pyrantel Pamoate: dewormer

Puppy Care:
For the first 6 weeks the pups need little care from humans as they get all that they need from Charley, other than keeping their kennel area clean, nice warm heating pad underneath them and toys to stimulate them as they begin to move around. Of course all puppies come to you with an overdose of cuddles and kisses.

Puppies that are weaned from their mommas should be able to graze freely from a bowl of the puppy kibble suggested above. If for any reason your puppy has trouble eating when coming to live with you, please contact me for helpful hints. This is common but can be dangerous of your pup refuses to eat for more than a day.
A tube of Forti-Cal is a good thing to have on hand to transition your pup from my home and away from momma, to yours. It's a vitamin and calorie supplement for pups and they LOVE it!

We bathe our puppies with Johnson and Johnson baby bath as it's meant for sensitive skin, easy on the eyes, etc. Once babies start to go outside to pee on a leash, they can transition to a puppy safe product such as an oatmeal shampoo for pups that helps with fleas.

All puppies are kenneled with pee pads from the time they start moving on their own. They learn early to pee on these so if you continue putting these inside for the occasional accident, but be sure to walk your puppy after they eat or drink, potty training is relatively easy. Remember: if your puppy has an accident it's because YOU did something wrong, not the puppy. So rather than scold a pup who's had an accident, recognize what it is you didn't do correctly and be more vigilant. Remember, a pup can go for their age, plus two hours before needing to let out to pee or have a place to go on a pee pad. So a 0-1 year old will go every 2 hours or so. A 1 year old, will go every few hours (though it starts to increase in time rapidly, this is just a good guide to remember).

Once the puppy comes to live with you, it's important not to feed your pup scraps, treats, etc. so they can maintain the healthiest weight possible. It is VITAL to understand that puppies love to chew because they are teething. Adult dogs love to chew as well. We have NEVER had any item destroyed at our home because we keep several "Kongs" and plain rawhide (not those gooey things covered in meaty flavor) rolls for the dogs to chew. If you offer them these items and use common sense about what you leave laying around on the floor, that's all they'll ever chew.

CRATE YOUR DOG WHEN YOU ARE NOT cannot expect a puppy to behave like a grown dog or like a human being. You cannot curb undesirable behaviors if you are not there. A crate can be a safe haven for your home and your dog when you are away. It may seem cruel to you but instead, it's like your dogs bedroom. If you get a nice roomy one and put it in a common area of the house, the dog will actually go in and lay down in there on it's own at times. Make sure to leave water, food and a rawhide to keep him/her company. There are bowls that attach to the sides of the wire crates, which we use and I recommend.